Bedroom Colors That Help Promote a Restful Night

Comfortable pillow on bed decoration bedroom interior with light lamp

While there are many ways to deal with sleeplessness, not so many are aware that a bedroom’s color palette can help one sleep. After all, science has proven that colors can influence our mood and responses to a certain extent, including our ability to sleep. Having difficulty achieving a restful night? It may be high time you consider changing the color of your bedroom.

Although there is nothing wrong about using colors of your preference when painting your room, it may be wise to consider painting it blue, as the color helps promote a more satisfying sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation in an article published on its website, the specialized receptors in the retina of the eyes, also known as the ganglion cells, are particularly sensitive to blue. These cells relay the information to the part of the brain that controls the rhythm of a person’s body, including how he feels physically. Because blue is associated with feelings of tranquility, the brain receives this information, and thus lowers a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, resulting in a better night sleep.

However, blue is not the only color that helps promote a good sleep. The National Sleep Foundation claims that there are a few other colors that can help you relax better, including certain shades of gray, silver, and neutrals. Warm colors, such as light yellow, can also do the trick because they evoke an inviting and cozy feeling.

It is important to note that while a bedroom color can help promote a good night sleep, it is not a blanket solution to problems in sleeping. After all, sleeplessness is caused by several factors and comes in varying degrees that may require professional help in certain cases.

Whether one is suffering from sleeplessness or not, however, there is no denying that a bedroom with relaxing hues such as blue does wonders in more ways than one. These colors don’t only add to the aesthetics of a bedroom, they soothe the eyes and calm the mind, too. And yes, they can help you have a restful night.,you%20sleep%20well%20at%20night.