Filipino Superstitions on Moving In

Despite the changing times, there is no denying that Filipinos are still some of the most superstitious people. While many believe that some of these generations-old beliefs are absurd, it is ironic that these is still practiced when making important decisions.
Among the many age-old beliefs our society has are those related to moving into a new home. This is totally understandable because, after all, achieve the dream of having their own abode has been done through hard work and a lot of sacrifices. By observing superstitious beliefs, they hope that they can continue to attract good luck and avert bad luck in the place they truly call their own.
Historians believe that, while our rich history from the pre-Hispanic colonization down to the American era plays an important role on why Filipinos are some of the most superstitious people around the globe, this trait can be largely attributed to the fact that we were taught to pass down beliefs from centuries ago. So, for many of us, holding on to these beliefs is not simply a way remembering our ancestors but a part of the process of becoming the people we are today.
Are you a believer or doer of these superstitions? Below is the list of the most commonly practiced and observed superstitions when Filipinos transfer to their new home, whether in a house & lot or in condominium unit:

  1. Choose an auspicious date when to move in.
  2. Many still believe that the best times to move in are the days leading to full moon or during the full moon itself. On the other hand, Tuesdays and Fridays are to be avoided because these days are considered inauspicious. Whatever the reason for this belief is, no one knows exactly.
    Apart from days, one must also refrain from moving in during an entire week of importance or relevance, such as Holy Week, including Black Saturday, and the entire week of All Saints Day. Moving in on New Year’s Eve is also considered a “no-no” as it, supposedly, brings bad luck to the home dwellers.

  3. Move in at dawn.
  4. In addition to choosing the right day, many Filipinos also believe that the time of the moving-in must also be factored in, and the best hour should be around sunrise. This period is said to bring prosperity as it signals a new beginning.

  5. Bring in the Kitchen staples first.
  6. Many superstitious folk also believe that what you bring first inside your new home can influence your luck and prosperity. Hence, before bringing in the big boxes of clothes and furniture pieces, they bring in salt, vinegar, soy sauce, uncooked rice, sugar, a glass of water, and coins first, and they do so one by one. Another rule is that, each container of the aforementioned item must be full, regardless of their size, to ensure prosperity and bounty throughout the period of their stay.

  7. Have the Place blessed.
  8. While this is not entirely superstition but rather a religious tradition, many Filipinos practice having their new home blessed by a priest or a pastor before or upon moving in. Otherwise, it is believed that bad spirits will be attracted to inhabit the place.

  9. Scatter Coins.
  10. Scattering of coins at the living room on the day of moving in is another Filipino superstitious belief. It is believed that doing so will bring prosperity to the household.
    What do you think of the aforementioned beliefs? Do you practice or followthem when you move in to your new house & lot or condominium unit?

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