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There is greatness in sacrifice

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered modern-day heroes for their remittances provide significant help to the economy.  While this unofficial distinction gives them a sense of pride, it is still not enough to compensate for the hardship that many of them put up with in their daily lives in foreign soil.

It is also believed that Filipino workers are preferred by most foreign employers. Apart from their hard work, competence and English skills, OFWs are also favoured because of their disposition and attitude towards work, no matter what job and/or position they hold.

Nonetheless, being an OFW is no walk in the park. Not everyone is lucky to have kind employers to work for and some even experience all sorts of abuse.  Despite all this, many OFWs still consider themselves blessed for the opportunity to work abroad and earn a relatively higher pay. While making sacrifices, many still believe that it’s all worth it.

Eric, for instance, a nurse in Abu Dhabi, believes that being an OFW is a blessing. While he admitted that he was tempted to go home during his first year there because of his growing depression, he knew it was out of the question because of his 2-year contract. Now on his ninth year of being a nurse in the same hospital he has worked in since starting his OFW life, Eric agrees that all his sacrifices are paying off.

Looking back on the first 4 years of his life as an OFW, Eric takes pride in having been able to shoulder the matriculation costs of his younger sister, who had just graduated from high-school then. After his only sibling graduated from college, he also financed her review and board exam costs until she became a full-fledged chemical engineer.  Feeling fulfilled about aiding in the success of his sister, Eric knew it was time for him to invest in himself.

When a high school classmate, who was working as a sales agent for Megaworld-Iloilo Business Park, messaged him about the township’s several condominium projects, Eric thought it would be a great opportunity to invest his hard-earned money. So, upon coming home for a vacation, he personally checked the project being offered to him: a one-bedroom unit at One Madison Place Tower 2.  Seeing the progressive development happening in Iloilo Business Park, he knew he was about to put his money in a secure and profitable investment.

“Back in 2015, impressive development was already evident in Iloilo Business Park as structures were taking form almost simultaneously.  Because of the affordable promo terms, I did not dilly-dally and made a reservation payment for the unit I was being offered,” Eric shared.

Because Eric still works as a nurse in UAE and plans to renew his contract after it ends in 2021, he has his OMP 2 unit rented by an officer from a multinational company who has been relocated to Iloilo. With the monthly rental he is earning (in addition to his earnings abroad), Eric is contemplating on investing in another Iloilo Business Park residential condominium tower.

“My agent is coaxing me to buy a loft unit at The Pinnacle, and I must say I am very tempted. Apart from my earnings, I have additional income from the rental of my OMP 2 unit. Most likely, it’ll be a yes because I am excited about The Pinnacle rising in the Commercial and Boutique Hotel District of Megaworld (Iloilo Business Park), which they say will be the next central business district in the Visayas,” he revealed.

Eric admitted that, despite having worked in Abu Dhabi for almost 10 years, he still gets homesick every now and then, especially if he thinks about his aging parents, who still receive their monthly allowance from him without fail. However, he knows he needs to sacrifice, not just for people he cares about, but also for himself.

“There’s always that longing for home. However, I need to sacrifice to continuously better my life, the lives of people I care about,” he quipped.  Indeed, there is no denying that there is greatness in sacrifice these OFWs go through to fulfill their dreams, not just for themselves but even for their families.