Make Your Condo Christmas-Ready with Minimal Space and Effort

Limited floor space is one of the downsides of condo living. It is perhaps the reason why most condo occupants go for a minimalist style when decorating their place. However, for some people, it’s a different story when Christmas comes around.  For those who love the holiday, going all out when decorating for Christmas makes a home more festive and the season more heartfelt.  So, how do you embellish your condo for the season without taking too much of your limited space?

How do you intend to decorate your condominium unit despite your limited space?  Read the tips below:

    1. Maximize the use of your walls.

Move on up! Because of limited floor space, maximize the use of your walls for your Christmas decors. Whether you choose to mount a group of stars, Santa Claus images, or drape several Christmas lights, the possibilities are endless.

    1. Hang wreaths on your kitchen cabinet doors.

You can also enhance the Christmas spirit in your condo by installing your holiday decor in the kitchen. Hang wreaths on the doors of your kitchen cabinet, and adorn them with glitter ornaments or baubles to make the greens look festive and joy-evoking.

    1. Embellish your windows with christmas decor.

Make your limited space holiday-ready by embellishing your windows. Start by changing your curtains with holiday-themed drapes, whether in color or print. Make sure they match your overall decoration theme or motif. Make it more Christmas-y by hanging Christmas garlands or mini star lanterns!

    1. Make you table festive with holiday toppers.

Your table setting can add to the holiday mood when you adorn it with Christmas table toppers. Whether you go for decorated candles, Christmas figurines, or real poinsettia, you can never go wrong! Make every meal more festive by using holiday-theme plates and cutlery.

    1. Set up your christmas tree in a corner.

While the Christmas tree is considered as the centrepiece of holiday embellishments, because of limited floor space, it may be difficult for some condo dwellers to pull this off. If you really want a holiday tree that won’t take up much floor space, opt to position your tree in a corner rather than center it in the room. It will give you more space to move around as well as provide an interesting focal point for your room. Still not enough space? You may also want to consider smaller trees that can be placed on a side table. Because these trees are half the vertical size of the regular Christmas trees, they won’t eat up a big chunk of space in your condo unit and still bring some sparkle into the place.

Heed the tips mentioned above, and you’ll have no problem making your space holiday ready! Have a wonderful time decorating, and may the season bring much cheer!