The Greatness of Independent Living: Why Single, Young Professionals Should Invest in a Studio Condo Unit

Filipino households usually include extended family, which is deeply rooted to our closely knitted family culture. It is no surprise then that most young professionals still stay in the same house with their parents and/or with relatives even though they may be earning enough to live separately.

While it is normal for financially successful young professionals to splurge their money on the things they missed out when they were still students, especially if they come from a poor family, they need to know how to manage their finances wisely. And one of the wisest ways to manage their finances is to invest in real estate and live independently. Young professionals should start investing their hard-earned money in property as soon as they can so that they can experience the greatness of independent living.


The Advantages of Living Independently

Living independently comes with a set of advantages. For one thing, one can have the freedom to do whatever he wants without having to consider anyone else. Secondly, it can give someone the opportunity to discover what he is capable of as he will have no one else to rely on for chores or errands.  Suffice to say, living alone leads to new learnings in life, even the smallest and simplest ones.  Because of self-discovery and new learnings, one will be able to develop life skills that mold his emotional and mental strength, as well as his sense of responsibility.

Of all the advantages that come with living independently, though, having the personal sense of pride is arguably the greatest.  It gives one a sense of having made it in life, especially if he purchased his place using his own personal money. It makes him feel that he has reached an important milestone in life. And, while others opt to rent an apartment in their quest to live independently, some financially able young professionals choose to invest in a studio condominium unit. After all, studio units are the ideal “starter homes”.  When one starts a family, he can always have his studio unit rented for additional income as he moves to a bigger condominium unit or a house and lot.

Choose Iloilo Business Park

In buying a studio condominium unit, one must factor in the location and the developer’s credentials.  Many Ilonggo young professionals invest their hard-earned money in a studio unit at Iloilo Business Park because, apart from the numerous towers they can choose from, the developer is the leading real estate company in the country,  Megaworld.  With its track record of delivering only the best, Megaworld has successfully converted the old Iloilo Airport into the bustling township that it is today.

Iloilo Business Park boasts modern BPO offices, two world class hotel brands (Richmonde and Courtyard by Marriott), an iconic convention center (the Iloilo Convention Center, a.k.a. Icon), a lifestyle mall (Festive Walk Mall), a dining and retail strip (Festive Walk Parade), and transport hubs.  So, living in any of its six residential towers definitely spells a posh and convenient lifestyle.

Currently, of the six condominium projects of Iloilo Business Park, One Madison Place cluster of towers has been turned over, and the Lafayette Park Square units slowly opening their doors to their respective owners.  The other condominium towers, namely Palladium, Saint Honore, Saint Dominique, are slowly taking shape while the recently launched residential tower, The Pinnacle, is pre-selling like hotcakes amidst the pandemic.  Without question, one has a wide array of options, not only in terms of project but unit types as well. Apart from the studio units, which are popular among young professionals, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, executive, and loft units are also available.

“I see an opportunity for personal growth and profitability. I can always lease my unit in the future once the time arrives for me to move to a bigger place,” said John, a 28 year-old BPO account manager and owner of a studio unit at One Madison Place, when asked why he decided to live independently and invest in an Iloilo Business Park property.

“Since my place is just a walking distance from where I work, I don’t need to stay at the sleeping quarters once my shift ends in the wee hours of the morning,” he added, further proving that there is, indeed, greatness in living independently, especially if your place is in Iloilo Business Park.